photos of miraflores that will make you want to visit Peru

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Miraflores is one of the most beautiful, safe, clean, and tourist-friendly districts in Lima, a place where Global Volunteers team members often visit. It combines the modernity and comfort of upscale malls, the historic importance of its archaeological sites, and the beauty and fun that only nature can provide through its beaches. Its wonderful ocean view, gorgeous parks, and the great hotel dinning, and shopping options it offers makes Miraflores a great visit around Lima during your free time. Enjoy these photos of Miraflores taken by our volunteers during their service program.  Updated March 2019: Please note that Global Volunteers teams now serve and stay in the coastal Ventanilla District, 30 km. north of Lima. Learn about our partnership with Sagrada Familia and your opportunity to help children in Peru here.

If you have never been to Peru, these photos of Miraflores will give you a peek, so that you can see what you are missing. If you have already been to Miraflores, you know what I am talking about, and you might become a little nostalgic. But that’s the point: you know you have to come back.

Photos of Miraflores

Miraflores: a beautiful district along the cost of Lima.

Photos of Miraflores

Miraflores overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s start with its location. Miraflores is a district in Lima alongside the Pacific Ocean. Because of its privileged location, no matter where you are in Miraflores,  you are at walking distance from the beach. As you can see in the first picture, Miraflores rests on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, which has opened the way for beautiful parks as well as residential and commercial buildings along its ample boardwalk.

The road down the bottom right next to beach that you can see on the pictures is called “Costa Verde” by Peruvians. “Costa Verde” literally means “Green Coast” in English. You can imagine why that is. When you drive trough it you can see the beach on one side, and the parks on the cliff on the other side, which give it a beautiful green color.

Photos of Miraflores

The parks on the cliffs give this part of Miraflores its name: “Costa Verde, ” or Green Coast.

A note on the boardwalk

Technically, the boardwalk is not a boardwalk or a pier, since it´s not a a structure built on posts from the land to the water, nor is it used for ships to land. The boardwalk, as you will see on the pictures, is built on the top of the cliff. But it’s still a boardwalk in that sense that it’s right in front of the ocean, servers as an entertainment area right along the coast, and in Spanish we call it “malecon, ” which literally means boardwalk in English. So whatever it is, or whatever you want to call it, it sure is beautiful, and perfect for jogging,  or just walking around. Now that this matter is settled, let’s have these photos of Miraflores speak for themselves.

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