National Volunteer Week 2017

Our volunteers are some of the most generous, compassionate and open-minded people in the world. For National Volunteer Week 2017 (April 23 – April 29), we want to express our appreciation for your time and service – as Global Volunteers. Since 1984, more than 33,000 of you have served around the world. Thank you for your effort in working toward global change and long-term impact!

Here are just four of the MANY reasons why we love our volunteers…

Video: Four Reasons We Love Our Volunteers – For National Volunteer Week

Reason 1: For sharing your love and talents

Thank you for sharing your love and talents. When you contribute your energy on a Global Volunteers team, you become one of the community’s greatest assets. Your efforts become part of the community’s story. And simply stated, you’re a most valuable link in an endlessly renewable chain of volunteers.

Reason 2: For trying new things

When you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try new things, you will find different perspectives, be inspired to learn about new cultures, languages and ways of thinking – all of which will contribute to an open-minded approach to service abroad. The local people in our host communities appreciate this open-minded energy. Thank you!

Reason 3: For learning from the local people

National Volunteer Week 2017

Global Volunteers’ unique philosophy of service requires volunteers to work at the invitation and under the direction of local community partners – and one-on-one with local people. We love that our volunteers embrace and respect this philosophy.

Reason 4: Because without you… Global Volunteers wouldn’t exist.

It’s true! Without the devotion and continued support of our wonderful volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to contribute to community development projects focusing on creating, nurturing and sustaining the well-being and human potential of children worldwide.

Visit our Impact Page to learn more about how volunteers make a positive impact around the world through Global Volunteers’ service programs.

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