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“The greatest commandment no matter whom one serves is to love one another.”
 One night with the king

You know you have to come back when a child crawls after you.

You know you have to come back when a child crawls after you.

It’s hard to believe that this is my last time writing in this journal about this incredible adventure that I have been on.

I remember getting off the plane and wondering about what these kids would be like and what would I be doing with them. After two weeks,  I can say these kids have stolen my heart – from seeing a little boy learn to walk and the joys he has at walking and talking to me as he would go; and from playing hours of “peekaboo” with the ones that just love it – to singing “The wheels on the bus, ” and watching them sing and dance along.

Today I was reminded by the kids how much they watch us and how important our actions are. We were feeding the kids and some can hold things and eat on their own while others need us to break things apart and feed them small pieces. A little boy had seen me feeding another girl and next thing I know he takes what I had given him and breaks it apart and feeds the little  girl and then he turned and looked at me all smiling because he was so happy at what he just did.!I was so excited to see him share and give without expecting anything back. He may have learned the action from us but the giving selflessly is what he reminded me of what I am to do in my own life.

I have learned so much on this trip from these kids and it is such a joy and a blessing to be here and a part of this incredible place. I would encourage anyone who reads this to come and create your adventure have stories of your very own that will touch your life and the lives of people you know. I have had an amazing time and I have loved every minute with these kids. If you come the only thing I can say is when you’re here hold nothing back and love these kids with all your heart;  you will never, ever regret it.
Until the next trip,
– Mandy

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