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Our School Is The Best School – Loads Of Trophies

Our final day was full of last minute packing, good byes to students, teachers, and newly made friends. Perhaps the most moving moment of the day occurred at school in the morning.


A Farewell Concert

Two of the students surprised us with an impromptu concert in the teacher’s lounge. A young man played the violin, accompanied by a girl on guitar. After their concert, complete with two encores, we made our way to our final hour with the students. Handwritten thank you notes and final farewells ended our two week tenure at a wonderful school. We were blessed with excellent students, talented and well educated faculty and a wonderful host, Rita.

final dinner

Our Final Dinner Portrait – Some Are Missing But Not In Spirit

After a whirlwind of last minute shopping, site seeing and packing, we met for our final dinner – ‘ la ultima cena’. Our handpicked menu consisted of a creamy vegetable consommé, roast chicken with potatoes, green beans and salad, topped off with a delicious torte with ‘Global Volunteer’ written on it. We enjoyed an entertaining program complete with music and singing and said our final farewells.

IMG_7590 Collage.jpgflowers

To Our  City of Beautiful Springtime Flowers Arrivederci…….

It is now over for us,   but,   Team 184 arrives takes over  two weeks.

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