As our time ends, classes seem to get better and better. IMG_7954Three team members and Phyllis had an interesting bus ride to Piazza Garibaldi where they waited for the four others to arrive. The bus also transported students.  Lively conversation made the ride too short.

A lunch of an antipasti and crisp salad followed by risotto and fungi was enjoyed at an Osteria. IMG_7955 Then it was back to work as our afternoon appointments for tutoring continued.

We have language lessons each afternoon and then our a wrap up meeting was held.  John shared his “encyclopedia” exercise, which is a game the students enjoy.  It gives them a chance to practice English with competitive spirit.


Our Well Behaved Dinner Companions

Then we were off to dinner in the dining room, where we dined with two well behaved busloads of Italian children.   Penned by Florence

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