IMG_2417Today we were launched on the first day of high school. We each met the teachers we would work with. My wife, Margaret and I are working with Annamaria  in the scientifico concentration.  We met several other teachers in the teachers  lounge, as well as Annamaria’s daughter, Mara, who is attending the high school for her fifth year.  A freshman orientation in the auditorium was the first experience of the day.   After the assembly concluded, we spent time with several classes with the professoressa and conversed with the students.  Each class was attended by about 25 or more students. The first was freshmen who were shy in their English expression and the second were upperclassmen who shared about their summer vacations, some of which were abroad.  The freshmen also talked about sports and clothing.  The second group was more open and eager to talk, telling us about foods and sights around Monopoli.  We also discussed motorcycles and their favorite things.


What A Wonderful Greeting

After school,  we traveled the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.  We enjoyed  it’s slow pace and sociability of the townspeople.  We walked to a smaller piazza with an octopus fountain before joining our team members for sandwiches and gelato.

IMG_2374Later, our siesta  gave us a chance to avoid the heat of the day and refresh ourselves.

Many of us were busy preparing for our second day of school

Penned by Bud

Thought for the Day….

“Dare to look, and you will uncover all the wonderful magic that surrounds you in Monopoli”

Shared by Joanna


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