A busy weekend of people-to-people events started with an historic museum visit ending with a Conga line. We said a sad farewell to our one-week volunteers.  On to Moron, stopping at Rancho Palma for a lunch under grass roofs among the caged animals.  When we entered Moron, it was carnival so streets were packed with booths, and music and gaiety prevailed.  At the theater, we saw a variety of acts where language was not an issue.  Some on the team were invited onstage. We shared a conversation with the actors and learned about their community work in the region. We learned Salsa steps and also finished in a Conga line!  The live music portion of the visit to the Nicolas Guillen Foundation was rained out, but we ended our day with dinner at Don Papa’s and more live music.

On Sunday, some of us experienced the open market. The longest lines were for the raisin wine!

The afternoon found us at the local ballpark.  I feel we were lucky charms as the home team “Tigers” won the game.  In the evening at La Trova, we danced to live music. A lovely way to end the weekend!

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