Day 10: Last day of our volunteer experience

We were off in the morning through the crazy hectic traffic in Lima and arrived at our one-day experience to teach children coloring, painting, and drawing. We had a confidence in our ability to interact with children because each of us was an involved mother and we had experience working with groups of children when raising our own.

Pamplona 2

The children looked at us with curiosity and bashfulness but warmed up quickly after we sang and taught them hand washing techniques. Painting in groups was next and we helped the children expand their imagination. Yes, paint got on their hands, clothes, and at times, flew on the floor. The children of all ages assisted each other and beautiful images were created. Then more hand washing was needed before the lunch was served. The older children helped the young children get their trays and they ate in an orderly system.

Lauri Molnar teaching handwashing to child in Alto Progreso

All of us as volunteers connected with these children and warm hugs were given as they left after lunch to go to school or just home to play. They were beautiful, smiling, happy children bouncing with energy and whom you could tell were very loved.

What I failed to mention is that these children live in severe poverty and that their small one-room homes sit on a mountain side in Peru with only electric service to each home. Water must be hauled from large barrels and no sewage system existed.  Leaders from the community thanked us for coming to their community and hearing their goals for improving their community.

Maybe the lesson today for each of us as volunteers is that all parents want to make life and conditions better for their children and for future generations. I guess the people of Peru do, too.

Message of the Day – efy: “There is no such thing as a simple act of compassion or an inconsequential act of service. Everything we do for another person has infinite consequences.” – Caroline Myss 

Deborah Chaney teaching handwashing in Alto Progreso



Team #172 with children and their drawings in Alto Progreso

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