The team receiving a wonderful tour of the agrarian university

The team receiving a wonderful tour of the agrarian university

Today was our ninth and final day at La Molina. We could not have foreseen that we would be the active learners in this ongoing exchange of respect, culture, camaraderie, and knowledge.

Every day new lessons were learned – about ourselves and each other, lessons about risk-taking and vulnerability, motivation and ambition, friendship and trust, focus and determination.

If English is the language of opportunity, it has been our rare privilege to play a small supportive role in our students’ quest for graduate studies, professional employment, and success.

We have been inspired by the motivation of our students; our hearts have been warmed by the graciousness of the students, staff, and faculty of La Molina.

Our departure was as warm as our reception, marked by hugs and tears. Students honored us with gifts and promises to continue our friendships via email. The director of the Language Center and his staff presented us with certificates and tokens of appreciation, and invitations to return. We left a piece of our hearts at La Molina today.

Entry submitted by: Deb

Message of the Day – Lauri: “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe

Stuff peppers - last meal at La Molina

Stuffed peppers – delicious last meal we enjoyed at La Molina


Our farewell lunch at La Molina


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