Our ninth full day in Cuba was our first work day with our reduced/learner team of eight plus team leader Michele.  Alyssa and Paul returned with Alejandro to the church for painting.  This time it was an indoor wrought iron bannister.  They left a good impression – on the stairs as well as some of their clothes. Others practiced their English and Spanish with students again at the “center.”  Three others returned to the garden project to begin painting the raised beds with a kind of white wash.

For lunch we had hamburgers for a change, nicely done and almost like home.

The afternoon brought more long-lasting cooling rain showers.  Some on the team went browsing and shopping.  Two had what they thought was a “near encounter” with a bus and their pedi-cab, though our host assured us there are no accidents – at least in this town.  The teachers compared notes to prepare for evening classes.

Dinner was at “Garnish” again featuring great food and pina coladas.

Then a short walk took us back to the “Community Center” for another evening of English practice.  The rain seemed to keep the attendance down this day.  Rain or shine, day or night, we love our horse-drawn carriage rides.

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