Volunteers planting in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, March 16

Our first class was Jorge’s where we did our intros in Spanish and then went on to planting the long awaited plants that had been ordered. They came in black plastic bags, rooted in soil, and looked healthy. We worked all morning long and planted all the plants available and then some. Barbara and Bill worked with kids on the beginning of painting the table and benches that had been purchased as well as painting the inverted tires. We ate lunch on our hilltop perch where we can look out to the bay and land beyond. Also, we watch the hummingbirds and butterflies at work around us. After lunch we met with Karla’s class and worked at planting a vine-like plant with a yellow flower. We pulled them from a garden bed and all the plants had roots. I hope these plants on the bank will make it. The painters continued on the table and benches and tires. Barbara worked with Sergio’s class at 2:30. I came in at 3:30 so she could go. We were talking about celebrations and learned that a birthday practice, at least in one family, is to crack eggs on the birthday person’s head! A strange custom! Tonight I am ready for a shower and bed – a good day!

Entry submitted by: Sharon

Message of the Day – Sharon: “We are blessed to be a blessing.”

Global Volunteer Barb Chase watering plants in Costa Rica

Barb watering plants

Global Volunteers and students with the beautifully painted tires for planting in Costa Rica

The team and students with the beautifully painted tires for planting




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