Global Volunteer and student painting table in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Thursday, March 17 

Oh my, a busy day working with the kids to finish our many projects. There was cloud cover all day, which kept the hot sun at bay. Early morning watering of the many, many painted buckets already planted with flowers and plants. Also a hustle to get the ten flipped tires painted and decorated in many bright colors. Many students took part in this artistry. Bill oversaw the all-day completion of this huge project – cleaning brushes, mixing paints, and adding finishing touches when the student artists went a wandering. Marisela is so happy with the team’s work.

Teacher Jorge and Global Volunteer Sharon planting in the newly painted tires in Costa Rica

Teacher Jorge and Sharon planting in the newly painted tires

More buckets finished for the newly rooted shoots, which should be ready to plant in three to four months. I think there are sixteen to eighteen new ones all decorated and waiting. Sharon weeded a large area near the tool shed, which might also be used for plantings. Jorge is a veritable Mr. McGregor – endless ideas for gardens on the school campus. Barb and some students filled more seedling bags with dirt in readiness for planting.

Home for a bit of rest and packing, and then off to the Orchid Cafe for our last meal in Santa Elena. Wonderful dinner of interesting and delicious paninis and fun drinks. And the Orchid Cafe HAD NO BANANAS! NO bananas! They are hanging everywhere and piled in all the shops – very funny. Home to ready ourselves for 7 a.m. checkout and breakfast.

Global Volunteer Sharon in conversational English classes with students in Costa Rica

Sharon giving some tips on language learning

Entry submitted by: Barb

Message of the Day – Barb: “My spiritual path requires the active expression of compassion, which arises when I can humbly serve the world, unattached to results, but grateful for the opportunity to give.” – Paul Green, SIT professor, Found of the Karuna Center

Global Volunteer Barb Chase having fun with her conversational English students in Costa Rica

Barb having fun with her conversational English students

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