I’m in love! In love with a wonderful group of Cook Island children who meet me every morning with bright smiles and warm “Papa Bob” greetings. They don’t know where I’m from, could care less about what I do or what I’ve done. They care because they sense I care.

A group of strangers on the same plane, not knowing it, met for the first time at 6:15 a.m. June 17th at the Rarotonga Airport. Seven different people, seven different backgrounds, seven different ages, and yes, different accents. But a team with one heart and belief, one need – a need to try to help others, especially those who can’t help themselves. Our team was met by a country manager, and we quickly discovered what a capable and caring leader he was.

When I left my little island home, I had no idea what this assignment would be like, but I must say, the realities have far exceeded my expectations. This simply couldn’t have been any better or any easier. I get up in the morning and have a wonderfully prepared breakfast with people who have become instant friends. I get on a bus and go to Takitumu Primary School, spending the day trying, in my small way, to educationally and emotionally nurture children. I get on a bus and go back to the Kii Kii motel, have dinner with the same people, which I’ve really grown to respect. How good does it get!

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