Global Volunteers has been working in Romania since 1999. With the help of more than two thousand dedicated volunteers, we brought love, nurturing, and assistance to many disabled children, and taught thousands of students conversational English. Unfortunately, because of ever decreasing numbers of volunteers (from a high of 175 ten years ago to 10 volunteers this year) our community partners have concluded that the services rendered by volunteers are no longer sufficiently helpful to them. In addition, due to the decrease in the number of service programs, Mihaela and Dan, our country managers, had to take on other full-time jobs which has impacted their team-management availability.

We are very pleased that our community partners in Barlad are providing quality services to their children, and that other efforts, including some initiated by Global Volunteers’ alumni, will continue to help the children there. Meanwhile, you can serve children in daycare centers and children’s homes in Ecuador or St. Lucia. Please provide your contact information to be informed of potential options there.

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