Global Volunteer Barb Chase saying goodbye at high school in Costa Rica

Team Journal Entry for Friday, March 18 

This was an early morning to finish our work with Jorge’s class from 8:00 till 9:30 or a little later. We placed tires and planted rooted plants in them. They still need more dirt in and around them to keep them from slipping down the hill when the rains come.

The cement table and benches were brought up to a nice shaded location. The table will be cemented in so it is firm. It will be a great lunch spot.

Then we moved on to various sites while we waited for a mystery happening. We ended up in the ecotourism room with all the great displays of flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Around 11 a.m. a lovely lunch of tuna fish salad, corn crackers, cheese, and a combo of pineapple Jell-O squares, cheese squares, and then a marshmallow put on top. The students were familiar with this and really liked it!

Teacher Sergio thanking Global Volunteer Sharon for her help in conversational English classes in Costa Rica

Teacher Sergio thanking Sharon for her help in conversational English classes

Teacher Sergio with Global Volunteer Barb in Costa Rica

Teacher Sergio with Barb

It was a fun final party with Jorge and his class and Marisela and Sergio. We all expressed our big thanks and kind words and we received certificates.

By then we didn’t need lunch so we climbed the everlasting hill one more time and got our suitcases ready for our four-hour ride down to Alajuela.

What a great place the Mar Inn has been to stay! So comfortable and friendly. They took great care of us!

Our ride back down was interesting but hot! We had a quick sandwich and ice cream at Tica Linda. We continued on till we met heavy traffic going into Alajuela.  Finally we reached the Hotel 1915, another lovely place to stay! Our dinner was at Café Delicias and very delicious. Our final meal together.

Some of the new plants by Global Volunteers and students in Costa Rica

Some of the new plants at Colegio

The finished table by Global Volunteers in Costa Rica

The finished table

Entry submitted by: Sharon

Message of the Day – Bill: “We are drawn to places the balance beauty and remoteness. Like traders we are drawn to the lonely introspection of living in countries different from our own. Like everyone, we are looking for a way to make our lives special.”

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