Team Journal for Sunday, 24th July 2016.

Sunday arrived with sunshine. I am already adjusting to the 12.5 hour difference in time. I suspect my plane travels contributed to the success. I slept well and arose around seven, read, and ate a lovely breakfast — all while Stephen’s family attended church services. When they arrived at the guest house, Stephen and I participated in the orientation meeting, something that passed quickly since I have participated in many of the orientation meetings throughout the years as a volunteer. I did set my goals: To continue to learn more about India and share more about the US. To help students to have more effective English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. To share my joy for the children so they know they are worthwhile people. It is my greatest hope that they are worthwhile goals and goals that can be attained.

The boys, Roshan and Augustine, played with the puzzles on my IPad for a bit and then it was time to rest for me and for them. I actually rested a bit, but read more. This evening, we had a wonderful dinner at Anjappar. It was a familiar place and near enough we could walk to it. On the way home from dinner.

I will be volunteering at Assisi working with young children for the first week. Christ the King school is administering tests during part of this week so I will be volunteering with 4th and 5th grade there next week.

After a bit of preparation for tomorrow, I will read and go to sleep.

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