The Joys of Being a Global Volunteer in Cuba

by Frank Baudino I’m so glad I went on this Global Volunteers mission. I lucked out in many ways–one of which being on the painting team. I love painting and the time we spent in peoples’ houses was time spent to form relationships. The residents of the houses we painted were so very appreciative of […]

Seeing Cuba after 57 Years

by Tom McMahon My two weeks in Cuba reminded me of the comment Churchill made of another country: “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” That seemed to sum up the impression made on me by Cuba…the forbidden fruit of my generation, which my wandering spirit pined for over the past […]

Make Sure You Help, Not Hurt When Visiting Cuba

As President Obama declares “Change is going to happen in Cuba, ” Global Volunteers President and CEO offers advice to Americans in a widely released editorial: Cuba is a wonderful country of many contradictions. It boasts one of the world’s highest literacy rates, yet food is rationed throughout the island.  Its highly educated teachers and […]

Engage Cuba as Few Have – Volunteering and People to People Activities

Enjoy Cuban culture and get to know her people up close and personal. The following people-to-people activities are only offered in Havana. Note: There is an additional fee for these activities. One-week volunteers on Ciego de Avila programs do not visit Havana. However, volunteers who serve for 12 days in Ciego de Avila can add on […]


Couple Volunteering in Cuba Deepens Their Commitment to Service

Volunteering abroad with a partner may lead to new directions and interpersonal connections. It can be one of the most significant experiences of your life!  Gail and Bill O’Neal are a couple volunteering in Cuba who truly enjoy service together, as recorded in their program journal: We have been fortunate to be able to travel. It has […]

Reflections on Cuba

Message of the Day – “We draw comfort from those who agree with us; growth from those who don’t.”  – Marty Nemko Thursday. It’s a word we have practiced countless times with our students over the past 8 days. It’s a day we have both anticipated and dreaded in “mas o menos” equal measure.  It […]

Cultural Weekend in Cuba

A busy weekend of people-to-people events started with an historic museum visit ending with a Conga line. We said a sad farewell to our one-week volunteers.  On to Moron, stopping at Rancho Palma for a lunch under grass roofs among the caged animals.  When we entered Moron, it was carnival so streets were packed with […]

Wrapping Up a Memorable Volunteer Week in Cuba

The evening classes continue to be attended enthusiastically by a sizeable student body.  Of particular note was a fourteen-year-old girl who received some one-on-one tutoring.  She already had a rather good grasp of English sentence structure and pronunciation, but needed work on vocabulary building – which volunteers provided. A very enjoyable conversation was had by one group […]

First Day With Our Students – Cuba Volunteering

On our first day of teaching, our team quickly spread into different rooms that varied by English proficiency,  and we all got to work! I was in the front room with Joanne and the beginners. First I must applaud Joanne for her incredible translating skills and her enthusiasm.  Every student in our group was fully […]

Opening To New Experiences – Volunteering In Cuba

My experience of my first day is Cuba is what I will be sharing… my thoughts, feelings, judgments.  I KNOW that I can easily focus on the details (Varying room temperature, food surprises, loud noises at 3 am, lukewarm coffee, unrelenting heat) or I can experience the “Gestalt” (or, the whole) of this time here. […]