By Stevan, Cuba Global Volunteer It has been a dream of mine of over 30 years to visit Cuba. Even though there were ways to get there via Canada or Mexico, I was just afraid and didn’t want to be a poster child for the U.S. government as to what could happen to you if […]

By Bethany, Cuba Global Volunteer. Question asked during English Conversations Q: “What is different between teenagers in Cuba & The US?” A: “There is no difference; we all want the same things – friends, time, family – we want what any teenager wants.” It seems to me that people are key, for both the volunteers and […]

Volunteer Opportunity in Havana!

After offering programs in central Cuba for four years, we’ve added an exciting volunteer opportunity in Havana.  Join one of our early teams serving in Havana for one or two weeks and learn about this vibrant, legendary city in a decidedly non-tourist way! Havana Program Itinerary Volunteers are scheduled every month to tutor conversational English to […]

Dear brothers and sisters, You might wonder what kind of work you come to Cuba to do. Indeed, you do not come to build schools, because we have schools and education, available for everyone. You do not come to do medical work, because we have excellent free medical service, and we don’t need evangelism because […]

by Frank Baudino I’m so glad I went on this Global Volunteers mission. I lucked out in many ways–one of which being on the painting team. I love painting and the time we spent in peoples’ houses was time spent to form relationships. The residents of the houses we painted were so very appreciative of […]

by Tom McMahon My two weeks in Cuba reminded me of the comment Churchill made of another country: “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” That seemed to sum up the impression made on me by Cuba…the forbidden fruit of my generation, which my wandering spirit pined for over the past […]

As President Obama declares “Change is going to happen in Cuba, ” Global Volunteers President and CEO offers advice to Americans in a widely released editorial: Cuba is a wonderful country of many contradictions. It boasts one of the world’s highest literacy rates, yet food is rationed throughout the island.  Its highly educated teachers and […]

Volunteering abroad with a partner may lead to new directions and interpersonal connections. It can be one of the most significant experiences of your life!  Gail and Bill O’Neal are a couple volunteering in Cuba who truly enjoy service together, as recorded in their program journal: We have been fortunate to be able to travel. It has […]

Message of the Day – “We draw comfort from those who agree with us; growth from those who don’t.”  – Marty Nemko Thursday. It’s a word we have practiced countless times with our students over the past 8 days. It’s a day we have both anticipated and dreaded in “mas o menos” equal measure.  It […]

A busy weekend of people-to-people events started with an historic museum visit ending with a Conga line. We said a sad farewell to our one-week volunteers.  On to Moron, stopping at Rancho Palma for a lunch under grass roofs among the caged animals.  When we entered Moron, it was carnival so streets were packed with […]