Opening To New Experiences – Volunteering In Cuba

My experience of my first day is Cuba is what I will be sharing… my thoughts, feelings, judgments.  I KNOW that I can easily focus on the details (Varying room temperature, food surprises, loud noises at 3 am, lukewarm coffee, unrelenting heat) or I can experience the “Gestalt” (or, the whole) of this time here. […]

“Cuba has not seen the last of me… I shall return!”

“I am humbled by these all too brief, two weeks in Cuba, ” said Seija Webb – long-time Global Volunteer. “There may be economic hardships here, but there is also much generosity, love, kindness, goodness, and oh yes, unbridled happiness!” Significantly more meaningful than a standard tour, the service program through Global Volunteers enabled Webb […]

Experience the Cuba Service Program Virtually

If you’re interested in visiting a unique country with a charming culture, an extraordinary history, and welcoming people, then Cuba is for you. Our Cuba service program combines the best of volunteerism and people-to-people exchanges. Hear from the volunteers themselves and experience the Cuba service program from their perspective – through photos (click on each […]

People-to-People in Cuba

Continuing our “People-to-People” offerings in Cuba on our new service programs is important to Global Volunteers staff and hosts.  Every program features many of the highlighted people-to-people activities of our former Cuba NOW! program.  One-week volunteers experience these in evening free-time, and two-week volunteers participate in a three-day itinerary in Havana in addition to 11 days in Ciego […]


“Cuba impacted me so much that I plan to return again in 2016!”

Jabeh Peabody previously served on a Global Volunteers program in Montana with her colleagues from inVentiv Health Clinical, so she already had experience working hand and hand with local people in one of our host communities before arriving in Cuba. “This kind of travel is right up my alley, ” she explains. “Global Volunteers makes it […]

Volunteer Couple in Cuba Experiences “Heart-to-Heart Service”

The first Global Volunteers team to Cuba was Marietta Quinby’s fourth program overall and Randy Quinby’s third program overall. You could definitely consider them a dynamite volunteer couple. They both agree that being part of America’s first legal service program to Cuba with Global Volunteers was something special. “Everywhere we went in Ciego de Avila, Cuba […]

Cuba Volunteer Reflects on Her Experience: “We are all instruments of peace!”

“An opportunity to offer meaningful service and to visit a place still not open to American tourists was perfect, ” said Kit Lane while reflecting on her decision to volunteer in Cuba. “When I saw the post on Facebook about Global Volunteers’ new service program in Cuba, I did not hesitate! I called and signed up […]

A Grandmother-Grandson Volunteer Duo Explore Cuba

The first Global Volunteers team to Cuba was Glenda Biggerstaff’s fourth Global Volunteers program overall. However, even with her past experience, this was going to be a brand new adventure for her – not only because she would be one of the nation’s first legal American volunteers to Cuba, but also because she decided to […]

First Week of Volunteering Wraps up in Cuba

You might expect that our English classes at the Community Center on Day Five would be routine. No – every class has its surprises with new students and endearing returnees. Randy, Lou and Marietta introduced our classes to “This Little Light of Mine.” It brought smiles all around. Glenda got all of us moving and dancing in […]

Minneapolis Veteran Volunteer Calls Cuba Program One of the Best

“I knew I wanted to experience Cuba as a volunteer, ” said Sue Surma – long-time Global Volunteer team member and leader.  “As soon as my best friend Holly signed up for the first team, I told her I’d go with her.”  Sue and Holly try to volunteer together as often as Holly’s work schedule […]