Teach, Learn and Wage Peace

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Service adds meaningful dimensions to life. In Vietnam, you not only work with children and adults one-on-one, you expand their role in the country’s future. As a volunteer, you contribute to the country’s long-term development and position in the global marketplace, just by sharing what you already know. As a native English speaker, your language skills are life-changing. Change the world – enhance the lives of children and adults in Hanoi through English instruction. Refer to Vietnam service program dates here.

Global Volunteers’ Vietnam service program offers you:

  • Direct opportunities to help Vietnamese people learn English
  • An immersion into Vietnamese culture and daily life
  • Friendships with Vietnamese students and teachers
  • A genuine experience of both traditional and modern Vietnam
  • Exposure to current and future leaders’ visions for their county
  • Opportunities to visit remarkable historical sights

VIE Tom LeachPowerful people-to-people relationships change the global agenda – sometimes, in just two weeks. English unites the worlds of business and trade, environment, human rights, science, and technology. You help make that happen. No matter if you’re not a professional educator – You’re a unique and valuable resource for students of all ages in Hanoi.

“The Vietnamese people are very grateful for our service. And volunteers are so gratified to be a part of something important and long-lasting – that’s larger than themselves. Everyone benefits many times over.”
~ Pam Cromer, Global Volunteers Vietnam Team Leader

The service program fee is tax-deductible for US taxpayers, and covers three healthy meals each day, safe and comfortable lodging and transportation, emergency medical evacuation insurance, an experienced and talented Global Volunteers team leader, and all required project materials. Why wait? Join us now when you can make the greatest impact!  Call for details: 800-487-1074.

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