Day 9 in Lima was a day of reflection for me – not because I had to contribute to Edith’s request to journal, but because I have learned so much on this mission experience. As an American, I thought our sense of pride was high, but after our visit to Pamplona, I would have to say these were some very proud Peruvians! It was moving to see how they get along with so little and how important it is to manage with so very little and how important it is to manage with very few resources. I only hope I can enact something I learned “in the hills” in some manner. I would have to say the most moving experiences I have had are working with the siblings. I have had the opportunity to work with two families of brothers. They rarely get to see one another, much less play together. It was awesome to observe these brothers playing, laughing, tackling, giggling, protecting, teasing, and helping one another. Although they don’t say it with their words, I could see the love they had for each other, and how important it was for them to be together. It saddens me that these boys cannot go home to a real family unit. PPA is doing the best they can to provide a family to these young boys, but it is impossible to replicate the stability, the warmth, the security, and the love of a home with a caring mom and dad. All of the children of PPA do not deserve the cards they have been dealt. It was not their choice to be here. They yearn for love and attention, and it is very tough to comprehend what they are missing in life. Fortunately, PPA is here to provide a fighting chance to make their lives better in the long run!

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