A volunteer couple on our December program, Errett and Jack, wrote:

On balance, I can’t think of a more memorable international trip that we have taken. While we have certainly enjoyed international “tour-type” trips, the past two weeks have really been unique and special for us. With the help of our team leader, the English teachers and the kids at school, we have experienced a bit of China that we would have never have been able to see otherwise. We now have a different and most favorable opinion of China. I hope that we have made a small impact on the lives of some of the kids at school. They have definitely influenced us. 

fine memory

It would be improper for a volunteer not to have several limericks to present to our hosts. These definitely won’t rhyme in translation or probably make sense to the Chinese teachers or students, but we liked them.


Three travellers they came to Kunming,

To help make the English words sing.

The kids, they did shout,

Each word with no doubt,

And now, we are off to Beijing.


To Kunming came three volunteers,

Teaching English to sweet little dears.

Grade three through grade eight,

Good marks they did rate,

We hope we have lessened their fears.


Describing their family was hard.

The homework, it had them on guard.

First father, and mother,

Then sister and brother,

The teachers expressed high regard.

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