Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

Ever feel like you need a new direction?

Want to refocus your practice, priorities, or life?

Feeling under-appreciated?

Want to make a difference outside of your community?

Consider becoming a Global Volunteer. 

This top 10 list was created by Tracy Heaberlin, a nurse at Children’s Hospital Colorado and a Global Volunteer alumni (since 2006). Thanks, Tracy, for offering your time and talents throughout the years and for your unwavering support to our host communities around the world!


10. Travel broadens beyond the borders

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9. Makes a vacation tax deductible

If you are a U.S. tax-payer, your service program fees, air fare, visa, and related travel expenses are tax deductible if you adhere to our program itinerary. When combining federal and state income tax savings, the average Global Volunteer will save 33 percent of the total cost of the service program.

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8. Unpredictability and flexibility are fun

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” Stepping outside of your comfort zone and allowing life’s unpredictable moments happen can not only be a fun challenge, but it can change your daily life perspective tremendously. It definitely did for Adam, one of our young, male volunteers who served in Tanzania. Click here to read his blog post about stepping outside of his comfort zone in the Huffington Post.


7. Team experiences enrich challenges

ECU - Seija Webb 2

Photo By: Seija Webb, 6-Time Global Volunteer, via her blog


6. Small acts add up

You are able to make a difference as a Global Volunteer in even a short amount of time because you continue the work of those before you and your work is continued when you move on. Yet each volunteer earns her/her own special place in the hearts of those they work with because of the unique time you spend together.

– Laura Ciporen, 2-Time Global Volunteer, via Facebook


5. Forging friendships


So many friends are formed on a Global Volunteers program — some later fade after a number of years, but the memories don’t fade. A volunteer learns such a wide variety of “things” — including working with people of all status, livelihood, and personalities.

– Chloe Winston, 8-Time Global Volunteer


4. Learning the other way



3. Time is a precious gift to give

During my time with Global Volunteers, I learned the impact of sharing my time and love; they are far more valuable than any money or the technology that it can buy.

– Tracy Heaberlin


2. Love heals hearts


Photo By: Lauren Furmanski, Ecuador Global Volunteer, via Instagram @lfurmanski


1. “Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa

Global Volunteers’ vision is to help build a foundation for world peace and justice through service. It’s our belief that all of us can wage peace and promote justice, one person at a time. If you’re interested in becoming a Global Volunteer, email to get started on this exciting journey! In the meantime,  click here to review what a typical day in service is like.

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