In fall of 2015, Travelocity had a Twitter campaign to promote and support international development and volunteerism by awarding one hundred people grants to Travel for Good – a total of over $100, 000 was donated to the field of volunteer travel! In order to qualify, you had to tweet where you wanted to go and how you’d volunteer using the hashtag #TravelForGood. Why? Because Travelocity believes travel isn’t only a chance to change your life, but also a chance to change the lives of others. We here at Global Volunteers agree and so do our awesome volunteers!

Here are some of their tweets:

Congratulations to Meghan Pollard (Tanzania and Poland Volunteer Alumni) and Adam Vavrek (Tanzania Volunteer Alumni) who each won $500 to serve again with Global Volunteers! We look forward to your fantastic service in another one of our host communities! And a big thanks to Travelocity for promoting international development through volunteer vacations.

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