Off To School Very Early

Today was very satisfying.  We arrived at school at 8 AM and rejoined our classes.  My partner and I assisted teacher, Maria with her new first year class by sharing our background and responding to questions and correcting pronunciation.

Things really began in earnest  in Maria’s third year English class. We  began with simple vocabulary and expanded to important concepts.  Interesting topics evolved and students  asked  why only Chinese girls were abandoned.

One volunteer shared photos of  animals and asked students to find the homes of the giant panda, manatees, wolves and a giant  dinosaur, named ‘Sue’ on a map.  The students  inquired about endangered species and this led to interesting conversations.

Sharing photos of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument led to discussions of United States history and the contrasts between United States and Italian national identities and values. We shared our the pledge of allegiance.

In the afternoon, all volunteers were busy tutoring adults, who come to theHotel Clio to practice their English.  We conversed with adults from various walks of life – physicians, teachers, local residents, and many returning friends.  One adult brought his family – several brought brothers and sisters – It was a full house.

Penned by Susan

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