Which Transportation Do You Prefer?

The students appear to prefer the motorcycles.

We are now on day three of engaging in conversational English in Italy. After being with the same teacher for two days, I was assigned to Rita along with three other volunteers. We were each given groups to be in charge of in Rita’s classes. Working with smaller groups seemed to be easier for me to manage.

After two classes with Rita, we were assigned to Maria’s class. It was a new class for her, and,   we played the “telephone” game. We also  introduced ourselves, so the students could get to know us better.

After school, we went to the produce store to purchase fruit  for our picnic. We had a very “Italian” picnic poolside.

Life doesn’t get better than this!

In the afternoon, some took the train to Polignano a Mare. We were met by one of our “tutoring” students. We walked around the town with her and took in the sights of most breathtaking coastline. It was picture perfect!

We came back a little later and my tutoring session with  took place.  My adult student  is a very nice person, who seems to want to make this experience very memorable for me.

All in all, my sister and I could not ask for a better group of people, team leader or students to meet.

Penned by Elaine

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