A Photo Stop – Beautiful People – Beautiful Sea

It is very pleasant to report Tuesday was another clear and warm day in Monopoli, Italy. The slight morning breeze is to be appreciated. Tuesday morning is the open market day. At seven o’clock vendors are setting up awnings, tables and crates to display shoes, ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, housewares and even furniture. Some women are ready to see one particular vendor who has high fashion clothing which appear to be end runs and samples. If you are a shopper, next Tuesday these vendors and their specially designed vans will be setting up at seven o’clock so reset your alarm clocks.

IMG_8161 Collage 1st week

So Much To Do – So Little Time In A Day

The mystery is over. Today, six of us went for a first time a on van ride through town to the high school. Students were milling around outside waiting for us. The school is very large; has a spacious lobby and is very clean. At first it seemed like there were about 18-20 students, then a second-wave crowd arrived. The number appeared to double.

The long-used reliable way to break students into groups is to number-off by 1, 2, 3. Each Global Volunteer teacher had different students and different subject-matter approaches. IMG_8287For example, Perry and I introduced ourselves by shaking hands. Our lesson then reviewed why and how adults shake hands. We then practiced a firm hand, eye contact and smiles. What instant positive responses! The th- sound is a world-wide challenge. The subject of food is also a world-wide topic.

In the afternoon Shannon, Ann and I had the pleasure to meet Mima, the previous local school contact. She took us in her car on a ride through town and along the coast. She is a very careful driver as at each intersection in town danger lurks. She wants to practice her English and also wants to share her Monopoli with us.


Happy Birthday Claire

Our busy day and fun experiences were shared at dinner. Our meal concluded with a beautiful birthday cake for Claire topped with a sparkler. One more special “Happy Birthday” to Claire and we hope she will have many more in the future.

Penned by Betty


Thought for the Day….

“Encourage one another; agree with one another; live in peace.”

2 Corinthians

 Shared by Shannon




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