Oh! Did we forget to mention breakfast?

As I began my day at the pool looking overlooking the sea- quiet peaceful- fisherman are on the rocks trying to perhaps catch lunch or dinner! Next – forget what they say about being able to find a hot breakfast in southern Italy.  We are blessed with an excellent wait staff and even bacon and eggs for our morning meal.

IMG_8151 Collage.jpg breakfast

Our Delicious Breakfast Buffet

 The staff is busy preparing our breakfast- Anna smiles. At 7 AM, the church bells begin to ring- the hustle and bustle are of the city is somewhere else- not here!

Peace and quiet and sunshine! I am reviewing my basic Italian.  Perry reads his journal and Betty her “thought of the day”. Phyllis provides a well organized Italian lesson for an hour.

Then, our team has “free time” to plan lessons, explore or your choice. We can choose to meet Phyllis in the lobby  or at the Piazza Garibaldi  to walk to Cafe Primiato Venezia for lunch. We had more than enough food- most team members were pleased with this experience!

After lunch, some volunteers headed to the beach; others found the suggested “one a day gelato stops”; others visited the interior of Sacre Cuore Church; and, others walked to the end of the road and returned to Hotel Clio via the sidewalk which borders the sea.

In the early evening, we met local friends wishing to improve their conversational English skills. We were excited to meet them! I am introduced to Antonella, a delightful 44 year old chemical analyst, mother of a 14 year old daughter and a 9 year old son- Martina and Roberto. She shared a beautiful photo of her handsome husband, Pasquale!

I described my Global Volunteers badge  – name, etc.  She asked why one volunteers with no pay- is it my hobby?  It is ‘my passion’ I slowly explained “giving back” and “paying it forward”.  Antonella is very bright and quick to respond.  It is a joy to work with her and  we had a great time together! I loved every minute we had together!


A Joy Of Jet Lag A Beautiful Sunrise!

Penned by Judy

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