Additional USA service program dates and new work projects in 2019 provide families, couples, individuals and groups a wide range of choices for spring and summer volunteering.  Volunteers of all ages can help mentor children and teens, prepare meals, encourage elders, repair homes, chop and store firewood, paint fences and buildings and much more on one-week programs.

It’s a cold winter on the Rosebud Reservation of South Dakota. In summer, you can help replenish the community’s store of cord wood to help keep families warm. Additionally, you can mentor youth and help conduct children’s recreational activities. In West Virginia coal towns, you’re needed to pitch in on a wide range of labor and educational programs coordinated by the Southern Appalachian Labor School.  Our service partnership on the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana marks 20 years this summer!  Work with children, elders and teens on recreational, labor and social welfare projects.  All programs are $1095 for one week of service, including local transportation, three healthy meals daily, dormitory lodging, cultural activities, project materials and an enthusiastic team leader to guide your service work.  Refer to discounts for families, students, groups and alumni here.


March, April, May 2019

March 16 – 23:  Beards Fork, West Virginia

April 27 – May 4: Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

April 27 – May 4:  Beards Fork, West Virginia

May 25 – June 1:  Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

June, 2019

June 1 – 8:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

June 8 – 15:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

June 15 – 22: Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

June 15 – 22:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

June 22 – 29: Beards Fork, West Virginia

June 22 – 29:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

July, 2019

July 6 – 13:  Beards Fork, West Virginia

July 6 – 13: Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

July 13 – 20:  Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

July 13 – 20:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

July 20 – 27:  Beards Fork, West Virginia

July 20 – 27:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

July 27 – August 3:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

August, 2019

August 3 – 10:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

August 10 – 17:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

August 17 – 24:  Beards Fork, West Virginia

August 17 – 24:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

August 24 – 31:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

August 31 – September 7:  Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

Some teams fill very quickly.  Register here. 

Call your volunteer coordinator now at 800-487-1074. 

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