Today our team split into 3 groups to support the community in different ways in the morning.

Two volunteers worked with Alejandro at the church to sand rusted window grates. Using only single pieces of sandpaper, they were able to remove rust from the scrolled grates. A piece of sandpaper was dropped out the window which meant one of the volunteers had to climb out to get it – good thing it was a 1st floor window.  They will continue sanding and painting until the project is finished.

Three volunteers went to the Community Organic Garden and were able to see significant accomplishment in weeding the bed of chives. They also worked with the gardeners who are older Cubans & speak no English.  They brought back small, fresh guavas — and had no reports of ant bites.

The remainder of us went to the Community Center for further conversations with students and others learning English in the morning. This was a smaller group, but a great time was had by all.  In the evening, we all returned after dinner for more classes with our English students.   According to all reports, students and “professors” had another fun and rewarding evening.
– Deb

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