The evening classes continue to be attended enthusiastically by a sizeable student body.  Of particular note was a fourteen-year-old girl who received some one-on-one tutoring.  She already had a rather good grasp of English sentence structure and pronunciation, but needed work on vocabulary building – which volunteers provided.

teach English to students in Cuba

Laura listens to students’ stories.

A very enjoyable conversation was had by one group about the various Cuban holidays.  It became very apparent to the participants how proud the Cuban people are of their revolutionary heroes in that most of their holidays commemorate their achievements and honor their deaths.

After our “conversations” were over at the Community Center, we headed for a wonderful dinner at El Crucer. We were able to share our experiences of the day.  All who had Pina Coladas agreed they were “Muy Bueno Delicioso”.

The one-week volunteers ended the night back at the hotel to pack, go over evaluation paperwork and have a “night cap”.  We all agreed we will be sad to leave on Saturday, but will cherish the friendships and memories we have made here in Ciego de Avila.
– Laura and John

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