Volunteering at PPA

If you are thinking about volunteering in Peru and working with children, here are two testimonies about volunteering at PPA so that you get an idea of what it’s like. 

By Lexi Strictland

Coming into this experience of volunteering at PPA I did not know what to expect. I thought that maybe the kids would not have enough to eat or would not be well taken care of. I was surprised to find that all of the kids were fed well and all had their own bed and clean bathrooms. All the kids really need was love and attention. Everyday when I go see the kids, the instant I smile at one or give a child attention you can see their face light up. When you take the kids outside, they don’t always want to play sometimes they just like being near you, having some human contact.

“Although the kids are taken care of physically, emotionally they ache for any type of human contact.”

We will never see a permanent change in these kids, because they need love forever, however we can see when we are with them how happy they are and appreciate that maybe for just one day we are making their lives better. Even though we are leaving, we can hope that the kids will continue to get the love and attention that they deserve from other volunteers and hopefully one day their family.

By Colette Palermo:

I came here thinking two weeks was too much.
I came here thinking my mom was crazy for expecting me to take time out of my summer to work. (Couldn’t we come during the school year?)
I came here thinking I was going to be miserable because I always thought I didn’t like children.

I leave here thinking of the friends, knowledge, and experience I’ve gained.
I leave here thinking that my mom didn’t take two weeks of my summer. She gave me two unforgettable and untradeable weeks of growth.
I leave here thinking that two weeks was not enough.

Volunteering at PPAColette playing with some PPA girls.

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