Journal entry by Rechelle, Cuba Global Volunteer, who served with her teenage daughter Kayla:

Day three in Cuba, it’s Monday – our first day of service, and what an experience! My daughter Kayla and I spent the morning painting a door at Eduardo’s church. The warmth and welcoming we received from the keepers of the church was overwhelming. We practiced our Spanish with Cilda and Alejandro. An elderly woman, whose name we didn’t get, hugged and kissed us as we entered. Another woman offered fresh fruit and conversed with us. Even though none of us understood the words being spoken, we all understood the meaning of our smiles, and we could all feel the attempts to connect. They were glad we were there. We too were equally glad to be there.

I set out to bond with my daughter through service… to have an experience together that none of our family nor friends would be a part of. And that’s exactly what we did.

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