While we were in Iringa, we ate breakfast and then walked to the Headquarters of the Global Volunteers Organization to meet with the General Secretary Nayman Chavalla. He made me feel more secure as he told us that we were in safe hands. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his sense of humor during the meeting. He discussed what Global Volunteers is all about as well as some of the issues plaguing rural areas of Tanzania. As he commented on the suffering that is taking place in Africa, he said “sometimes I wonder if we are children of God.” This statement really hit home for me because of how sad he seemed.
After our meeting we proceeded to shop in Iringa. We all found some interesting finds, but I know Christian is very excited to have his jersey. Most of us also visited the Internet café to send emails to loved ones. It felt good to tell them that I was approaching the final point of our long journey! I think I speak for all of us that we were ready to settle in Pommern.
However, a long and bumpy ride loomed between us in Iringa and our house in Pommern. After lunch we commenced our journey through the mountains. As I was in the sick van, many of its passengers were feeling under the weather. However, I am happy to say that we all worked hard to support each other over all the nauseating bumps. I felt like we were bonding to act as one. For the next few weeks, we are family! I want to say a special thanks to Mohamed for doing all he could to make us as comfortable as possible and for getting us to Pommern safely.
Upon arriving in Pommern, many of he vans passengers took naps. However, as the Jeep passengers arrived, many went outside to play soccer/football with the local children. We all practiced our Swahili with the little ones. It was an awesome first afternoon in the village, and I’m sure we all look forward to what tomorrow holds.
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