Today was our second day at the hospital. It was wonderful to arrive in the morning and already see looks of happy familiarity on the children’s faces. We got right to work, taking children outside, for walks down the hall, or for cuddles in a cozy chair. The day continued as it started, full of laughter (and some
tears), songs, dancing, and lots of “Oh, he/she is so sweet!  A particularly funny moment came when a male member of our team attempted to pick out a new outfit for Luca. Despite an honest effort, Luca ended up in a too-short shirt and mismatched pants. He, of course, did not care one bit about his outfit, and we all had a good laugh.
 It is wonderful to hear the laughter in the halls throughout the day. Although it is a tiring day, the tiredness is more than made up for by the warmth of the children and staff. We’re looking forward to another full and fulfilling day tomorrow!
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