Do you remember – “As the world turns, so do the days of our lives” – frequently faster than we anticipate. The Zakopane language camp will soon close and we will return to U.S. while our students will travel north on the bus for 10 hours to the Warsaw- Siedlce area. We only have two more days for teaching and much more to present. I was blessed with four wonderful students whom I may not ever see again.pOL1406A1 (90)
During the morning some groups combined together and others stayed separate, but at the end of the teaching sessions the teachers reported all groups having positive results. Using a round table to work led some students to become more interested and involved. Another group focused on communication and comprise in planning a trip from Poland. As they “landed” in New York City they were each asked to plan a trip to different state. Then the group combined their trip into one place and with one budget. Comprise was needed.
Did you know basic anatomy lesson including joints, arms, and legs can be presented whether you use a muscle man or a fashionista model? These students drew well.
And another group worked with Dorota to answer questions on a video. The video will be used as part of the Global Volunteers 30th Anniversary event.
pOL1406A1 (3)And during the lessons today much time was spent on planning for the Thursday evening final program.
Before obiad we gathered on the lawn for a group photo, another way to help us remember our time together.
Now as I write it at 7 PM, and I can hear the neighboring cow mooing; she either wants to be milked or wants her calf. The pigeons are cooing and are returning to their coop for the night. A few clouds hang over the valley and below us and the nearby mountains.
Later in this evening we met with the Polish camp staff and ideas and stories were exchanged for an hour as we had great fun. This gathering highlights the wonderful working relationship between the Polish people and Global Volunteers. Dobranoc!
Journal prepared by Lynn

Message of the day: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. And – A circle is round; it has no end. That’s how long we’re going to be good friends”. Shared by Diana


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