Today we started the day off great by practicing our final celebration song on the bus ride to Calderón. At the center, we were greeted with “holas” and chubby faces stuffed with breakfast. A lot of progress was done everywhere around the daycare. In Tía Vanesa’s room Kirsten and Lily had a dance party with some little munchkins. Eloise and Michael also had a dance party in Tía Marina’s room. Michael said that watching two-year-olds do the jig is very cute. Laurie enjoyed going to a park about fifteen minutes away because it was a new experience going on a mini field trip. DSC01340DSC01320Martin also enjoyed watching the kids ‘zip line’ at the park and seeing all the shy kids laugh. Mia absolutely loved painting mountains on the mural and getting her hair done for the second time. Amelia enjoyed watching the kids’ faces light up with excitement while looking at the mural. Juliann loved having time to talk to her original tía, Lissette, and showing her pictures from back home. Caitlin liked the experience of painting the mural for the first time this trip. Kay enjoyed visiting the flower market to get flowers for the outside of the center to make the garden bright and colorful. Sarah was really excited to see the progress on the mural after a long day of work. Tom enjoyed playing soccer with the kids and watching them waddle after the ball, and then painting the whole afternoon. As for me, I loved the mini birthday party we had in our class for Nicolás and seeing major progress on the mural after a great long day. Today was another great day in Calderón with sunshine and storm clouds that threatened to rain on the mural, but never did, and little smiling faces that proved that once again, we made little differences in each one of their hearts.

Entry submitted by: Katie

Message of the Day – Katie: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Dr. Seuss52


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