IMG_8309This morning we woke up to our first cloudy and breezy day. It was actually a relief from the previous day’s heavy air. We met as usual for our morning meeting and discussed the day’s assignments. Claire and Lexi joined us today to go to the school to work with the high school students to assist the adult volunteers. IMG_8259  IMG_8292

Chrissy, Julie and I stayed at the hotel to await Andrea. We again played a series of games to help him with his English. Just before noon, the group from the high school returned, with tales of a successful day. Claire and Lexi seemed to enjoy working with the older students at the high school and  others expressed feelings of success as they reported about their morning. We had lunch down the street from the church school. We ate outside and had a variety of tasty sandwiches.IMG_8221

The afternoon brought a mix of various age groups to be tutored at both the hotel and church school.  Ann meets with Robertino and reviews the various dining room/kitchen supplies and Judy spends more time tutoring Antonella.   Betty and Perry went for a ride with Mima and drove around town, where they stumbled on a group playing music. Leslie, Shannon, Chrissy, and I tutor more adults at the church school.

Tonight the group, Chrissy and I discussed various foods, our favorites and how they are prepared. It really is a nice group of professionals who are very anxious to speak English. Leslie and Shannon discussed body parts with their group, as well as, some movie actors/actresses. The girls, Lexi, Julie. and Claire worked with the same younger aged students as previous day and shared their success with the different games they were able to play with their students.IMG_8298


All in all, people had a good day. We recapped our day over yet another great dinner!

Penned by Jan



Thought for the Day….

“Create happiness for others.”

Dale Carnegie

Shared by Chrissy                


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