Our school in Italy, “Polo Liceale “Galileo Galilei” is filled with wonderful works of art. It is a genuine privilege to walk the halls and experience the mastery of Italian artists.   We are truly blessed.


What A Beautiful School

IMG_1607What a joy it is to walk the hallways of our school.  Everywhere you look – first you see the happy, smiling students and  then there are the gracious and loving teachers.  But, beyond the sea of faces, beautiful artwork adorns the walls.  Oh and there are plants – plants of all kinds – so green and healthy.flower collageIMG_1605Our  morning meeting began with Susan reading the journal of the previous day, and Benita presenting the day’s message. Phyllis shared some upcoming activities:

  • Thursday -Farewell for the German &  Spanish exchange students
  • Monday – a trip to Grotte de Castellano   – one of the student’s fathers will host us in the afternoon
  • Tuesday – a tour of the Centro Storico led by the students, in English- an outdoor classroom experience
  • Thursday – a late afternoon trip to Polignano a Mare

Most of us went to Polo Liceale Galileo Galileo, while Rob and Sue headed off for a field trip toMatera with the students. The rest of us participated in the cacophony of morning in the Sala Docenti; chatted with Rita’s students in small groups, continuing our courtyard conversations.  Some watched a rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet, often interrupted by the jackhammer just outside the windows.  Without any Internet, Phyllis scurried around to take photos of all of us in action.

Smile – you’re on Phyllis’s Candid Camera!

After school we met up again at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (or Piazza Grande) and proceeded to enjoy lunch at Premiato Caffe Venezia, appreciating “la dolce vita.At the evening meeting we shared our activities of the day, reviewed assignments for the next day and opportunities for massages and pizza. We decided that “que sera sera” would be a good motto for us in terms of scheduling.

Penned by Benita

Thought for the day…..

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