“No matter what our differences are, we all look at the same moon.” – Anonymous

Tabitha and Carolyn keep busy all day!

Tabitha and Carolyn keep busy all day!

Today, we met with Dan before our first day of volunteering at the Children’s Hospital. Carolyn, Tabatha, Justin and I were anxious to begin our day and meet the children. Dan showed us around and we left our belongings and shoes down stairs. Our kids were on the 3rd floor and the bathroom with a bowl was on the first floor.

We entered the playroom which included three cribs. Wow! A big hug and smile was our first greeting and five children were present. The first half our was overwhelming…… new people, kids and staff speaking in a language we don’t understand. Reading English books to Romanian-speaking kids or read Romanian books? Thankfully each member of our team have backgrounds working with special needs kids, yet we were not totally familiar with their needs.

How did things go? We are all going back tomorrow. We will be familiar with the routine. We know better how to position them for feeding, and we will know a few more names. More importantly, we will again try to make a difference in nine lives each day. Do we stuff our feelings like we are used to doing when in professional situations? Personal questions seem to not have simple answers. One thing seems obvious…..this is a hands-on team who are holding, hugging, playing and laughing with kids who have high needs. Their caregivers at the hospital are loving and caring. If it were not for the work of the staff and volunteers, I cannot imagine where these little ones would be.

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