Roshan and Ammu with the eggplants from the earth boxes

Roshan and Ammu with the eggplants from the earth boxes

Our first day of classes. We set out in 2 teams with excitement and trepidation. Steven had given us a description of the schools and number of students  to expect, but we did not know what level of English we would find in our students. We had prepared as much as we could on Sunday and decided to be flexible and enjoy the day.

Gretchen, Kavita, Sally and Karen went to the day care center at Assisi Illam to work with 35  three and 4 years old. Donna, Carolyn and Judith went to Christ the King school to work with a fourth and fifth grade class. Erica was not feeling well  and is going to begin on Tuesday teaching computer skills to 2 boys in the morning at Seam Children’s home.

We discovered that our plans worked to a degree, but we really did need to be flexible and use our creativity. The teachers at Assisi Illam said the children are all beautiful, but it was

The eggplants from the earth boxes

The eggplants from the earth boxes

difficult to work with 35 young children together. The teachers at Christ the King discovered the children were all polite and participated eagerly, but the local teacher in the fifth grade class translated everything for the students. The fourth grade class seemed a little more comfortable with English. Each team came home tired, but very pleased with the day and with ideas of how to make the sessions better  for Tuesday.

After lunch and a break for rest and preparation we all  went off to Seam Children’s home  to work one on one with the students from 5-7 PM. Again we enjoyed our work with the students and they are all very loving and grateful  for the time spent with them.

Another evening of preparation with the teams helping each other we all retired tired and satisfied with a work well begun.



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