We volunteers continue to travel in various directions, off to our assigned schools in Beja and beyond. Some need to arrive by 8:15 am, while others don’t start teaching until 3:00 pm. In spite of our diverse schedules, we are a very harmonious group of 13, and enjoy catching up with each other at meal times.

Something new for Global Volunteers in Beja is the addition of conversational English classes at IP Beja, the polytechnic university. Keith and Janice teach two classes with up to 30 students in each. The Intermediate-Advanced and Pre-Intermediate classes are comprised of students, former students, community members and IP Beja staff members. The support for this new program has been excellent, with daily meetings with International Language Directors Maria and Joao. They enthusiastically welcome the new courses which were designed in coordination with Global Volunteers. Maria and Joao are eager to supply anything the teachers may need, including copies, a laptop and projector for instruction

While brand new, the program at IP Beja appears to be having an impact. Each day you can see the confidence level of the students rise as they are more and more comfortable with the English language. And other students not currently in the program are already asking how they can sign up for the next session in March 2012.

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