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Global Volunteers salutes Ken Dubuque, a Global Volunteer who works with teens and has shared peace and love every year since 2013 in Montana, the Cook Islands, Poland, and Italy. 

work with teen students worldwide

Ken working with some of his teen students in Puglia Italy classrooms.

Ken said he still finds much to talk about, teach and learn from his teen students.  He reflects on his recent experience in working with teens in Italy:

“This was my fourth program with Global Volunteers, and it’s hard to believe but each one has been better than the last. Working with teenagers at the high school summer session, as well as a wider age range of young students at the mission was a delightful two-way learning experience.  I’m always challenged by their creativity, energy and sense of humor.

Our team was led by the extraordinary Phyllis, Global Volunteers community manager. We had an interesting, flexible and fun volunteer group; thanks to all.  I look forward to my next adventure working with teen students next year in Portugal with Global Volunteers.

English is the language of commerce, technology and opportunity for youth – and as a native English speaker, working with teens, your volunteer skills are in demand. Our community partners are eager for teens students to learn American English (the language of the internet). No matter your background or skills, working with teens helps secure the future for eager students in these welcoming communities!

Because of committed volunteers like Ken, our partner communities count on Global Volunteers to work with teens and youth of all ages in classrooms and small groups  The primary projects are teaching conversational English.  To learn more about English teaching in Portugal, read on. 

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