I spent the afternoon drawing pictures of American bathrooms since our adult students requested information about rooms in American homes. The energy seemed very positive tonight with regard to all settings: the high school, the Mission school and the individual tutoring. Impressive presentations were made by students in Jake and Michelle’s class, along with students becoming self-disclosing. Jeff’s students demonstrated excellent skills as critics. Talking about the past served as a rich launching ground for discussion with Martha’s group. RC and Valerie’s students were cooperative and tried hard, although they are younger and less experienced in English than some other groups. Their mention of wishing to go places where there is less prejudice and more freedom and liberty aroused our curiosity for future discussions. Larae and Valerie had a very rewarding review, introduced colors and expanded practice of social skills. Some more advanced students had been placed in another group, and those that remained were so willing to struggle and try hard, requesting to talk about travel info tomorrow night.

– Valerie

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