Jan is entertained by Sammy and Alina.

Barlad Children’s Hospital – Alina is a particularly remarkable child.  She is six years old and only weighs 19 lbs, but by some miracle she sees, hears, walks and talks.  She has a grin on her tiny face and her feet are always dancing.  Such an extraordinary little girl.

Of course, none of these children understand they were robbed of a “normal life.”  They don’t know that their parents grievously hurt them.  They don’t know that other children have their eyesight and hearing and the use of their limbs.  They don’t know that other children have parents and siblings; school and friends, much less their own clothes, their own toys and their own beds.
And, so, they spend a goodly amount of time smiling and giggling – and a few even talk.
These local Global Volunteers have worked miracles.  With little or nothing in the way of equipment, trained therapists or the benefits of research dollars and endowments, they’ve used time, love and patience to advance these children to their potential.  It is awesome and inspiring  to see the results of their work.  And, it makes me believe that my small effort in the chain of their development is important and worthwhile.
– Jan Hughes
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