cropped-monopoli-1aMonopoli, Italy, the “home away from home” for Global Volunteers in Italy will charm you on first meeting. The town-wall rises from the sea, and carries the blending white limestone-houses with their colour rich window-shutters.

mono2The town has a good, modern harbor, with a beautiful fish-boat-fleet. On the pulsating fish-and vegetable-market, on Piazza XX September, the local fishermen and farmers sell their own goods.

monopolimonopolismonpMonopoli, which in some areas resembles an old fishing village, has several very picturesque beaches and it is a pleasure to visit. In comparison to the western side of Italy, it retains its Italian ‘old town’ feel and it is relatively untouched by tourism.

Volunteers practice conversational English in the high schools, under the direction of Italian English teachers. Also, tutoring sessions with adults and younger students are offered. Because this area of Italy is seldom visited by American tourists, the opportunity to study English with a native speaker is a tremendous resource for students. In addition, volunteers experience an immersion in the community and culture. It is a win- win for at wall Collage

xst frances churchIn Monopoli, during the first weekend in May, St. Francesco da Paola is honored with a procession to the sea with his statue.  Each year the mayor of Monopoli symbolically gives the keys of the town to the statue of San Francesco.culto_francpaola_statua



 Team 183 Arrives May 17th – To Wage Peace & Promote Justice

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