Male volunteer in Mexico

Global Volunteers salutes Bill Spencer, who has served on 16 Global Volunteers service programs – starting with Turkey in 2000. Since then, Bill has gone on to serve as a Global Volunteer in Greece, the Cook Islands, Brazil, St. Lucia and Mexico. Thus far, his favorite Global Volunteers service program has been in Querétaro, Mexico, where he has served 10 times, tutoring students in conversational English at the Universidad Tecnológica de Querétaro.

Bill is a retired community college professor who continues to “WOW” his conversational English students and teammates with his unbelievable interpersonal relationship and teaching skills. Bill is a down-to-earth, genuine, unassuming kind of guy, and anyone who meets him feels instantly relaxed and accepted. Joining our teams as a solo male volunteer has never been a problem for Bill. He makes friends wherever he goes. Bill counts because he makes others count!

Male volunteer teaches English in Mexico

We asked Bill a few questions about his service:

How do male volunteer teachers give the local children something special, unique or different?

“The fact that a male volunteer brings his perspective(s) and point(s) of view from a different culture/environment is unique for the local children and people.”

What would you say to encourage other men to become Global Volunteers, especially those who are concerned that they don’t speak languages outside of English or are concerned about volunteering as a solo Global Volunteer on the team, or have the right skills to be of genuine service?

“Be BOLD – TRY IT!! We truly ALL have something to give and offer…”

What is it about Global Volunteers that has kept you coming back to serve with us again and again?

“I enjoy giving back, and this is a great way to keep learning and growing.”

Global Volunteers’ Mexico Volunteer Team Leader Pam Cromer noted:

“It is ALWAYS a pleasure to have Bill on my team! He has incredible teaching skills that are greatly appreciated by me and the staff at the Universidad Tecnológica de Querétaro (UTEQ). Bill builds such a fabulous rapport with his students by reaching out to them with respect, and breaks down any barriers, timidity or hesitance they might feel, by providing a safe, accepting place to risk making mistakes and have fun learning to speak English. The teachers are always so happy to see Bill and consider him part of the staff.  Everyone was so touched by the good bye talk he gave at the final party on his last service program in Mexico and, of course, everyone hopes Bill will come back again!” 

Male volunteer serves 16 times

Bill, thank you for being who you are, for stepping up to the plate, showing up, reaching out, and making a difference to the local people in the communities we serve. We appreciate you, Bill!

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