Build Bridges Between Borders

Maria Maki, 20-time Global Volunteer and Country Manager, shares her thoughts and experiences about the importance to build bridges between borders:

Build bridges, not walls.

When you hear the words “build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico,” it seems sinister. One forgets that Mexico is a retirement community for many U.S. citizens, who find the cities friendly, family-oriented and culturally interesting, and who find that their dollars stretch further in retirement.

I had the honor to be hired as a China Country Manager for Global Volunteers in 1998. I found the people to be warm, helpful, friendly and interesting. I led teams to teach conversational English. These nine months of people-to-people contact was far different from what I read in the media or heard from politicians… This type of bridge-building is so apolitical and positive.

Build Bridges Between Borders - Volunteer around the world

When I listen to the news and China or Mexico is mentioned, it is so negative. This is true for most countries I have been to (about 15). Go and travel and meet real people! We all want the same things, such as peace and safety. Don’t let the politicians or media sour you on looking at the country.

To read Maria’s full letter as it appeared in the Star Tribune, follow this link.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Global Volunteer to help build bridges between borders, chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator. We’re ready to help you get started!

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