projects for mothers and children

Female volunteers of all ages have always been the foundation of Global Volunteers’ programs. Some 70% of our team members every year are women. Children, of course, are the focus of every service program. And, mothers are crucial for giving children a healthy start in life. So, it’s obvious why projects to help mothers and children form the centerpiece of our Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) program. The women who travel to serve, and the women who raise the children we care for are the bedrock of this global support structure.

Assist With Projects to Help Mothers and Children

To help children reach their potential, mothers must care for themselves from the moment of their baby’s conception. That’s obvious to most of us, but women in many areas around the world are often the second and third priorities in a family, behind men and elders. When women are heads of households, they often will sacrifice their own health and nutrition in favor of their children. A behavior change, then, in these families can be difficult when a woman becomes pregnant. Yet, a mother-to-be must be supported and nourished in order to protect the future generation. Global Volunteers works with local leaders in our partner communities to recognize mothers for all the critical roles they play, and to provide essential services to them and their unborn and living children.

projects helping mothers and children

Student volunteer Melissa and hundreds of other health care professionals serve mothers and children worldwide.

You – the volunteer – are the source of the assistance, and the distribution system for this support through projects to help mothers and children. Whether by lending your professional skills, or contributing your natural compassion and energy to on-going projects, you DO make the difference every day, and every week you serve.

Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Program Starts With Healthy Mothers

The building blocks of the Reaching Children’s Potential Program are the projects to help mothers and children – nutritional interventions, protection from infectious diseases, and quality education until age 18. The primary focus is on each child’s first 1000 days of life, starting before birth. Pregnant women are engaged in educational workshops that clearly explain their baby’s gestational needs and the importance of early childhood education.

For instance, dieticians and nutritionists teach healthy meal planning and preparation. Trades professionals help repair and build family education facilities and much more. Medical professionals teach brain development, early stimulation, disease prevention, hygiene practices, physical fitness and train local caregivers. Educators teach school readiness, basic learning skills, positive discipline and classroom subjects. Other sessions focus on stress reduction, response to domestic violence, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and self-care such as relaxation, yoga, and creative imagery.

projects helping mothers and children

Volunteers such as Julie teach CPR skills as well as nutrition, health and hygiene, positive parenting and much more to mothers.

Everyone, including students, is an important resource on projects to help mothers and children grow and develop. Just one or two weeks can make the difference in a child’s or new mother’s life. The Tanzania Reaching Children’s Potential Demonstration Program in Ipalamwa is our most ambitious community partnership to date. Learn more about how you can help mothers and children in Tanzania here.

You’re also needed in Lima, Peru and Chennai, India. Chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator for information about helping mothers and children in one of these communities.

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