Yesterday I left many sets of the flash cards at the school. Today I was very pleased to see the English teacher already going through them to determine what she might use in her class.
Each class today was Bingo time. We played Bingo last Friday and the kids have begged for it every day. I told them we would do Bingo again on Friday. Bingo gives the students good practice for speaking and hearing numbers.  The winner of Bingo is awarded, not a prize, but the opportunity to call the numbers for the next game.
I had chosen the thought for the day before starting the games, and then saw during Bingo how we fill the jug. The 1st graders will literally count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so forth until they get to the right number, whereas many of the 2nd graders can simply look at the number and speak it. It shows how the jug is filled drop by drop with English classes and English practice between 1st and 2nd grade.  Bingo, both the game and the song, is also good for helping students learn how to pronounce the English letter, I.
We have been using A-B -C flash cards and one set has astronaut for A. One boy proudly showed me a picture he had drawn today with an astronaut.

In the evening Lori was taken by Mihaela to Trattoria again – it’s hard duty but someone has to do it!. We were joined by the principal from Primary School # 2. Again a very pleasant evening.

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