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The first Armanino team posed for a group photo after a day of volunteering

Armanino LLP Employee Groups are First Post-Covid Volunteers in Vietnam

Twenty-five employees and guests from Armanino LLP, a top 25 US accounting and consulting firm, joined Global Volunteers co-founder Michele Gran serving in Hanoi, Vietnam as the first team back since the beginning of the pandemic. Having been…

2022 Allen Foundation, Inc. Grant Results

The Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Nutrition Education and Technology Project has helped improve the nutrition practices of 100 families living in poverty in the Ukwega ward, Tanzania. Over 860 families are currently enrolled in Global…

Village Families Promote New Dimensions of Mental Wellness in Tanzania

Since 2018, Global Volunteers staff and volunteers have assisted local people in the five villages of the Ukwega Ward of Tanzania in visualizing a model of optimal, community-wide mental wellness to integrate into the primary care system. Beginning…
Top 6 Island Volunteer Vacations
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Top Six Island Volunteer Vacations

Crystal blue bays and soft sandy beaches. Breathtaking views with a carefree "beat." Island volunteer vacations provide an opportunity to escape the cold weather while helping to change the arc of a child's life. Global Volunteers' service…
Olga Storozhenko

Meet your Poland team leader: Olga Storozhenko

Olga Storozhenko has a story to tell. She is currently Global Volunteers Poland team leader, having joined the staff in 2022. But she came to Global Volunteers in a most unusual and unfortunate manner. After Ukraine was invaded by Russia in…

39 Years of Volunteer Service Worldwide!

It started in Minnesota, by four people who had a simple idea, about waging peace . . .  In the past 39 years, Global Volunteers has mobilized over 38,000 volunteers to serve children and families in partner communities in 36 countries…

The Lasting Impact of Year-End Giving

Year-end giving is an effective way to close the year on a positive note by making a lasting contribution to Global Volunteers' work and mission. Donations are a vital source of support to Global Volunteers. They enable us to make a more significant…

English Helps Visually Impaired Adults Develop Careers in Massage Therapy

Relatively little research is available on the well-being of the large population of visually impaired or blind adults in Vietnam. Global Volunteers' partner, Blind-Link, a social entrepreneurship program, professionally trains blind young…
The economic crisis as a consequence of the pandemic poses a great threat to girls' safety and education.

Nepalese Children and Community Partners Await Volunteers’ Return

Global Volunteers’ Nepal service program launched in 2018 and suspended due to the pandemic, has resumed. Unfortunately, the needs of our community partners in Kathmandu have grown. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide meaningful volunteer…
Hot Chocolate During Christmas

Favorite Peruvian Christmas Tradition: Hot Chocolate

 Daniel Salazar, former Peru Country Manager, writes about three unusual things Peruvians do during Christmas. This is #1: Hot Chocolate & During Christmas. #1. Hot Chocolate During Christmas Another Christmas tradition in…
Panettone on Christmas

Peruvians Exalt Seasonal Panettone During the Holidays

Daniel Salazar, former Peru Country Manager, offers the top three traditions in Peru on Christmas. This is #2: Panettone on Christmas. #2. Peruvians love their Panettone on Christmas: For some reason, Peruvians love to eat certain foods…
Fireworks on Christmas

Fireworks on Christmas: A Crazy Peruvian Custom

Daniel Salazar, former Peru Country Manager, writes about "three unusual things Peruvians do to celebrate Christmas." This is #3: Fireworks on Christmas. #3 Fireworks on Christmas: Everyone loves fireworks - except for dogs. You might…